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Oh noooo :( I wanted to see this tv show just for Anna !! I am so sad... I just have to watch Fringe again now

Yeah, is really sad that HBO hadn’t pick the show…but watching again Fringe is always a good plan!!


For the Anon asking the other day for Anna’s projects: 

HBO has decided not to going forward with Open, the show where Anna was going to be. 

You can find the info here: http://deadline.com/2014/09/ryan-murphy-pilot-open-hbo-not-going-forward-833368/

Hi, do you what are the projects now for the cast of Fringe ? I know that Anna and Joshua are in a serie, do you know the release dates ? And what about the others actors of Fringe ? Thanks, you're the best ♥


The last thing I heard about Anna’s show, it doesn’t have a release date yet. Josh is in “The affair”, according to showtime’s site, It’s going to air on october 10th. 

John Noble is in Sleepy Hollow, he was a recurring character, and was promoted to series regular now. The second season will premiered now on september 22. 

As for Jasika, She’s been in Scandal as a guest star, and in the podcast “Welcome to Night vale”  she voice “Intern Dana” . 

This is all I know, ‘cause I don’t usually keep track about their projects, sorry!

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